Yes. You must register for your PE credit online as our program is not affiliated directly with any particular school at this time.
The program runs 2 days/week (either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday depending on age) from 6:30-8am. The days are chosen to offset the high school league play days. The goal is for an athlete to not have the program session and a high school game on the same day.
Ha-ha…Yes. The idea of the program is to offer an opportunity and alternative for athletes to train in a sport they are passionate about as well as receive school credit for their work and time committed to the program. Running the program at this time, allows for the student athlete to have an open block some other time during the school day where a regular PE class would be offered.
Yes. Coming soon the website will have payment options.
Although some volleyball experience would be an asset, the program is individual based. Components of the training can be adapted to all levels of skill and ability. Bring your passion for the sport and you’ll be good to go!
No. The program is designed to be low impact on the body maximizing court movement, skill repetition and technical tactical choices. Jumps will me minimized and monitoring of individual workload will be a priority.
No. This program is run independently from high school and club teams.
No. The program is meant for individual/small group training to maximize touches and focus on each player’s individual volleyball goals.