Exciting News for Volleyball

In cooperation with the District of West Vancouver, Power West Volleyball is offering a new program open to high school girls staring October 2, 2017. The Power West Volleyball Program (PWVP) has been designed from the ground up by Richard Stark, former UBC Head Coach from 2003 – 2016. This is a unique opportunity for high-school girls passionate about volleyball to get coaching from a top coach in our community.

Richard Schick

Head Coach, UBC Volleyball 2003 – 2016
I want athletes to excel by creating an environment which is safe yet challenging, easy enough to understand but sometimes difficult to master, and one that builds on ones character and self confidence.”

Like many sports, volleyball is an extremely technical game. Unfortunately it’s not the easiest to practice on your own. Where as in basketball you can go shoot hoops on an outdoor court, or soccer where you can go kick the ball around working on ball juggling and your shot, volleyball requires other players to provide the fun to practice and play. From my experience working with young adolescents, the understanding and the ability to perform basic movement on the court and their contact with the ball is not as proficient as it can and should be. The way that one runs, dives, slides, jumps, reaches, spikes, pushes, propels, bends, shuffles, swings, rolls, twists are not natural movements to everyone and must be learned and worked on. My goal of the Power West Volleyball Program (PWVP) is to provide the athlete the instruction to become more efficient in their movements on the court as well as in the way they contact the ball while at the same time learning to compete and play the game at each individual athletes highest possible level.

It’s commonly known that our kids receive ample opportunity to play games but lack the amount of specific technical and skill training to allow them to become more autonomic in their decision-making and skill execution in those games. The PWVP will tap in to the desire and passion of each individual volleyball player, providing instruction which will be individualized with challenging, attainable tasks. Each session will have specific technical, tactical and mental goals which will allow athletes the opportunity to improve by learning to push themselves. The PWVP athlete is someone who is motivated to improve, to challenge themselves and others while doing it in a controlled, safe and welcoming environment.

The program start date is October 2nd with the Juniors/Seniors running on the Monday/Wednesday and the Bantam/Juvenile ages going on Tuesday/Thursday (this done to off set game days). All 4 days run in the morning from 6:30-8am at Rockridge Secondary.

There will be 2 open gym sessions for athletes to check out the program, meet the coaches and experience their coaching styles. The dates of these sessions will be September 11th and 18th from 6:30-8am at Rockridge Secondary. There will be a $10 drop in fee for each session. There will also be a parent information question and answer on Tuesday, Sept 12 at Rockridge Secondary from 7 – 8 pm. Parents are also welcome to attend the open gym sessions.

Program start date:
Monday, Oct 2nd

Program season:
October 2017-June 2018

Program fee:
Try the program dates:
Monday, Sept 11th & 18th 630 – 800 am
at Rockridge Secondary
$10 drop-in fee per session

Parent info session:
Tuesday, Sept 12th at Rockridge Secondary from 7 – 8 pm

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this email. Thanks so much.


Richard Schick
Power West Volleyball Program
Program Director-Head Coach

Accredited coaching, skill development, physical and mental training with individualized feedback and assessment — our program will develop the serious-minded volleyball player who push themselves and be the best they possibly can be.

Athletes are arranged according to skill level, compete level, experience and age. Coaches provide individualized
reports and video analysis on a regular basis to set, monitor and evaluate goals.

  • •Skill acquisition, technical and tactical training
    Understanding the when and why you perform a certain shot or skill
  • •Physical training
    How to develop and maintain physical strength
  • •Mental toughness
    Reaching from within, confidence and sport composure


for more information regarding program, times or registration inquiries

***Limited to 24 athletes***
**Will not affect a player’s ability to play for their respective team**



  • COST $1800 + GST